Airdrie: Students Choice: Game Coding with Scratch or Robotics with Lego™

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DayBreak Community Church has been kind enough to rent us a room to bring our K-12 Tutoring to Airdrie.  As a way of a "Thank You" we would like to offer a free "Game Coding" or "Robotics with Lego™" class to the student members for DayBreak community Church.

When: On Tuesday February 13th from 4pm-5:25 and once more on the same day from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Who can register: Student members of DayBreak community church can register and also register 1 friend if they choose to bring a friend.

Cost: Free

1) Game Coding in Scratch.

Scratch is a graphical coding engine, where students can create and share their games and animations using the platform available at

This is ideal for students who have little prior knowledge of coding.  It will introduce all the major concepts of coding but without the syntax requirements of text based language.  Concepts such as "loops", "variables", "condition statements", even advanced data types such as "lists", and "booleans" are covered.

Suitable ages: Grade 3 and up.

2) Robotics with Lego™.

Kids love building blocks.  Even more so when those blocks have motors, sensors, gears, pulleys.  Students will build a variety of robot designs from Alligators to Giraffes and even more machines from fork lifts to cranes.  After engineering their build they will then program their creation to move and react to input from sensors.


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