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If you have never experienced personalized tutoring yourself, we imagine you have lots of questions.

We also know that since all of our staff are tutors we may be tutoring when you call to get your questions answered.  You may also be online reading this page during our off hours.

That is why this offer is available.  Simply add this offer for a consultation to the cart and check out.  During check out, make sure to give the number you wish to be contacted at (we will text first, to confirm a good time).


Not all tutoring programs were created equally. Learn why the Sylvan Method has helped transform the lives of millions of families — and why we guarantee your child’s progress too.

Whether you are looking for outside help or just looking for some guidance on how you can help yourself, Sylvan Learning of Red Deer is here for you.

Understanding why a student's math score is not where it needs to be, is not just about knowing what is needed now.  It is equally about what should have been learned in the past and what is planned for the future.

A math score can be affected by reading comprehension and study skills and is not just about mathematical acumen.

What makes the Sylvan Method so special

  • Big-time results. Our students achieve up to two to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than their peers. How do we know? We are the only tutoring and enrichment company that measures our academic achievement in a systematic manner across our centres. View our results here.
  • A proven methodology. We’ve built our approach based on academic research, nearly 40 years of proven teaching experience and leading-edge technology.
  • Certified teachers. Our teachers do more than instruct. They’re experts at challenging and inspiring your child. And we seek out individuals who can link the lessons taught at Sylvan to what's being taught in school. This means you can feel good that your child is getting the best in educational methods from those who love to teach.
  • A deep impact in school. Our teachers are well versed in local curriculum, and Sylvan’s curriculum aligns with state and provincial standards. Rest easy that what your son or daughter is learning at Sylvan will make a big difference in school!