School & Organization Group Sessions in STEM/STEAM

Regular price $225.00

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math experiences for your club or classroom.

Does an experience in robotics, game coding, 3D printing, digital art, or animation sound like something you would like to bring to your  classroom or boys / girls club?  We can make it happen.

We have the computers, kits and one-of-a-kind instruction system to engage 30 students at a time and keep them entertained and enlightened for 60- to 90-minute sessions.  Happen to have more students, then we can simply do more sessions.

We believe it is now more important than ever that today's youth learn to create, control, and program with technology and not be limited to being consumers of it.

There are a variety of technology categories to choose from, such as: robotics with Lego™, game coding with Scratch™, game coding with Python™, 3d printing and CAD design,  digital art & digital animation.


Pricing works out to $7.50 per student per 1 hour-session or $225.00 per session, whichever is the greater. (Sessions have a 1.5 hour max.)

Case example. #1. 20 students for a 1.5 hour-session; the younger doing robotics, the older doing game coding.  Total cost $225.00

Case example #2. 60 students over 2 consecutive, 1-hour sessions. 60 * $7.5 = $450.00

Case example #3. 450 students, grades K to 6, each grade doing a skill suitable to their grade level; K-gr.1 (60 students) have 1-hour sessions, gr.2-gr.6 (390 students) each with 1.5 hour sessions.  Sessions are planned over 7 days, in school.

K-gr.1 (60 students) = 60 * 7.5 = $450.00

gr.2-gr6 (390 students) = 390 * (7.5 * 1.5) = $4387.50

Consider using us for fund raising.  After school classes in STEM/STEAM at Sylvan Learning Red Deer regularly are offered at $25.00 per 1.5 hour session.  Schools and large clubs can ask parents for an amount of $15.00 or $20.00 for the experience  which is still offered at a considerable discount to the rack rate. 

Using Case example #3 for illustration and a $15.00 parent participation amount, the fund raising amount achieved would be $3375.00