Week long Technology Summer/Winter Camps

STEM/STEAM Week Long Camps


(Week long Camps are currently held in our Red Deer location only.)
Look to Sylvan Learning for fun activities for the kids when
schools close for long breaks as well.  Summer, Winter, or Spring breaks can all be a great time to learn something new and have some fun too, with our STEM/STEAM focused technology camps.
Week long camps that engage students in Game Coding, Science, 3D Printing,  CAD design, Engineering, Minecraft™ like crafting, Digital Art and Animation.

Here are some examples of activities included in the camp.

  • Building and programming a robotic gorilla with Legoand Wedo™ sensors. 
  • Programming a whack-a-mole game & uploading it to be shared on the web with Scratch™.
  • Designing and 3D printing a variety of characters & inventions. 
  • Making objects levitate with magnetism. 
  • Collaborating on a local area network in the construction of a 6 story office tower in a Minecraft™ like environment.
  • Building complex bridge types like "Cable Stayed" bridges with K'nex.
  • Creating digital art for print or online use with Inkscape™
  • Creating short animated videos with Synfig™
  • Get start with the Python programming language creating useful scripts and games.