Parent reviews.

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Amanda F           Blackfalds           Sept 20,2022       10/10        Reading

Erin M                 Hanna, AB          Sept 6, 2022         9/10          Reading 

Darlene F            Red Deer           Sept 3, 2022          9/10          Math

Amanda N           Blackfalds           Sept 2, 2022         10/10        Reading

Stacy B                Blackfalds           Aug 23, 2022        10/10        Writing

Haley T                Olds                    Aug 22, 2022          7/10        Reading

Grejanka K           Didsbury          Aug 20, 2022           8/10         Reading

Leslie W               Red Deer           Aug 19, 2022         10/10        Reading

Larissa A              Red Deer           Aug 12, 2022         10/10       Reading

Peter S                 Blackfalds           July 31, 2022          10/10      Reading

"As he is interested in studying, it is noticeable that the parts that he lacked are gradually forming."

Ivanna K               Blackfalds           July 29,2022           10/10      Coding

Jane H                 Red Deer             July 28,2022            10/10      Reading

Marie-D                Sylvan Lake         July 26,2022           10/10     Reading

Michelle L              Red Deer           July 18,2022             6/10     Math Essentials

"Great when able to receive 1:1 instruction but sometimes needs to share instructor with 1 or 2 other students. Wish it could be more quite/private. Easy to get distracted due to very open concept and lots of people coming and going."

Shelly M                Blackfalds          July 16, 2022             10/10     Homework Help

"A quick refresher on radicals helped my daughter boost her final mark in gr 11 math. Thanks so much!"

 Minette Z        Red Deer County    June 29, 2022            10/10    Reading

 TerrieLeigh K        Lacombe           June 26, 2022            10/10   Homework Help

Carleigh C        Red Deer County   June 24, 2022            10/10   Math

Jenna P            Red Deer County   June 23, 2022            10/10   Math

Sarah H                 Red Deer          June 18, 2022            10/10   Math

"My daughter enjoys going to her Math support, and her skills are improving at an amazing rate. Highly recommend "


Ralene M              Red Deer            June 16, 2022           10/10  Writing

Tracy B                 Red Deer            June 14, 2022           10/10 Math

"The instructors are excellent - knowledgeable and patient - can explain concepts in a variety of ways in order for students to learn. "

Lauren D     Red Deer County        May 31, 2022             10/10 Reading

Alexandra S           Red Deer         May 25th, 2022           10/10 Writing

Stephanie A           Red Deer         May 25th, 2022           10/10 Homework Help

"This is the place! If you want in-depth, personal assistance for your child, this is the place to go. They were wonderful in identifying were my daughters troubles lay and were able to come up with a plan to get her back on track. She made huge progress in a short amount of time where the schools were unable to. The staff are all incredibly kind and my daughter looked forward to seeing her teachers at every session. 100% will recommend again, and again!"

Devon R   Rocky Mtn House          May 10, 2022              8/10   Reading

Viktoriya M     Red Deer                 May 8, 2022                10/10  Reading

"Amazing team, knowledgeable tutors, my kid is super happy to go to another lesson"

Rena S             Aliance AB             Apr  9, 2022                8/10   Reading

"On line access has been a wonderful thing as we live 2 hrs away. I only wish there was a tutor for science. Other wise the help we have had has been exceptional!!"


 Misty L             Bentley, AB           Apr 4, 2022                 10/10 Homework Help

Ashley M           Red Deer              Mar 5, 2022                10/10 Reading

"I have seen incredible growth in my son's abilities and confidence in a very short period of time. I am so excited to see his continued progress. Thank you Sylvan Red Deer! "


Brandi D             Red Deer            Feb 18,2022                 10/10 Math

Amber H            Blackfalds            Feb 18, 2022                10/10 Reading

"I cannot say enough amazing things about our experience with Sylvan. Our daughter Harley's confidence has greatly improved over the past few months since starting at Sylvan. She is fully ready and confident in her ability to start grade one in September. "

Ashley R          Stettler            Feb 17, 2022,           10/10   Reading

Sharon I          Lacombe         Feb 9, 2022              10/10   Math

Stacey H          Didsbury          Jan 26, 2022           10/10   Reading

Brienen S        Red Deer         Jan 17, 2022             8/10    Math

Alishea M     Red Deer Cnty    Jan 3, 2022              10/10   Reading