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Ignite Your Child's Future with the Magic of Innovation! Dive into a world where creativity meets technology and where imagination turns into reality. Our exclusive after-school programs will not only entertain but empower your child to shape the future. From building intricate robots with Lego™, making their very first video game with Scratch™, designing tangible masterpieces with CAD and 3D printing, to creating vibrant digital art and animations, and diving deep into the realms of collaboration within Minetest™ 3D realms — the possibilities are endless. Give your child the tools to be a creator, innovator, and a digital wizard. Their future starts here and now. Don't let them just play games, let them build the future!

See the links at the bottom of this page to learn more about individual classes or PD Day Camps.

Students can choose to do After School classes and pick the lesson of their choice or they can join us for a PD Day camp and try a variety of lessons.

And here's the cherry on top: Our lessons use top-tier, open-source software, meaning ZERO cost for you post-class! Dive into game coding with MIT's Scratch™, mold the future with FreeCAD™ in our 3D Printing & CAD class, and unleash creativity in Digital Art and Animation with Inkscape™, GNU Image Manipulation™, and Synfig Studio™. It's all premium, all open-source, and all FREE for continuous learning.

We believe each of the lessons are important on their own and teach important skills and unlock creativity, but there is another reason these classes have value.  Growing up with primarily consumption-focused  interfaces like tablets, phones or game consoles can create gaps in a child's understanding that computers are powerful tools for creation.

Growing up without these skills can limit a child's ability to interact efficiently and be productive with computers and develop a comprehensive skill set for the digital age.

Sylvan Learning of Red Deer offers a variety of after-school classes and day-camps that will engage, entertain, and educate.  Classes are offered on different days and times so you can choose what suits the student and your family and then repeat each week on that day and time for the length of the course.

Click on the links below and choose from favourites such as Robotics for Kids, Game Coding for Kids, 3D Printing for Kids, Python Coding for Kids, Digital Art and Animation, and of course PD day camps.