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Managing year-end report cards.

Think of year end grades as a measure of next year's readiness.

For most students the year end report card simply reflects their current academic year. However, for a parent who understands that academics are built on the scaffolding of previous lessons, it is a measure of preparedness for the coming year.

What gets measured gets managed.

So when report cards come in what gets measured needs to get managed, that's where Sylvan Learning and the break over summer can really help out. Just two or three hours per week could be all it takes to preview, prepare and make ready for what is to come in the next academic season. 
Consider reaching out to us for a personalized assessment to determine the best academic curriculum to catch up and we will make sure there is time for fun in the sun this summer, as well. Call us at 403-341-6110 or check out the link of the special below.

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When the student in your family finishes with a great report card

reward them with a technology summer camps at Sylvan Learning.

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