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Sylvan Learning Red Deer / Airdrie / Sylvan Lake, follows the same Alberta Learning Curriculum guide that is followed by Alberta Schools.   We can help your child catch up, keep up and stay ahead of the curriculum that makes up the students current grade level plus so much more. 


Why Choose Sylvan Learning for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Chemistry Tutoring in Alberta

Choosing Sylvan Learning for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Chemistry tutoring in Alberta offers students a unique and effective approach to mastering complex chemistry concepts. Sylvan Learning stands out due to its personalized tutoring programs, which are tailored to meet each student's individual needs and learning styles. Our experienced tutors are not only experts in the field of chemistry but are also skilled at connecting with students and making challenging content accessible and engaging. Sylvan's interactive and adaptive learning environment fosters a supportive atmosphere that builds confidence and motivates students to achieve their full potential. With a proven track record of helping students improve their grades and understanding of chemistry, Sylvan Learning is the go-to choice for parents and students aiming for academic success and a deeper comprehension of chemistry.

Grade 11 and Grade 12 Chemistry Curriculum Highlights

The Grade 11 Chemistry curriculum in Alberta introduces students to the foundational concepts of chemistry, including atomic theory, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, and the behavior of gases. Through hands-on experiments and detailed theoretical study, students gain a solid understanding of how matter interacts at the atomic and molecular levels. This foundation is crucial for success in Grade 12 Chemistry, where the curriculum expands to cover more complex topics such as thermochemistry, equilibrium, acids and bases, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry. Sylvan Learning's tutoring program covers these curriculum highlights extensively, ensuring that students not only meet the Alberta education standards but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are applicable beyond the classroom. Our tutors emphasize real-world applications of chemistry concepts, preparing students for post-secondary education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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