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Schedule a consultation and arrange your first hour.  Our hourly rate is payable after the service is rendered.  For better rates ask about our prepayment packages.

Sylvan Learning Red Deer / Sylvan Lake / Airdrie,  follows the same Alberta Learning Curriculum guide that is followed by Alberta Schools.   We can help your child catch up, keep up and stay ahead of the curriculum that makes up the students current grade level plus so much more. 


We will also use the data collected from our "Sylvan Sync Assessment"™, to make sure that your student is tutored in the base skills they may have missed in past years.

Reading Programs to Make Your Child Successful In Red Deer


94% of Sylvan parents say that enrolling their child in Sylvan for reading help was a good decision.

Here are reasons why families prefer Sylvan of Red Deer for reading help:

  • Your child will learn in the best way for him or her. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to reading. We take the time to identify the type of reading help your child needs to improve fluency, comprehension and reading competence. And we offer different programs and a personalized approach to make sure your child gets results quickly.
  • You'll get results. Our reading tutors deliver results like no one else. Our tutoring students typically achieve up to two to three times more growth in their reading scores than their peers. (Yes, three times!)
  • Your child will learn reading skills that can lead to success in different subjects — including science and social studies. From learning how to look for context clues, to locating the main idea, to summarizing information, the reading skills your child learns at Sylvan of Red Deer can improve results far beyond reading group or English class.
  • Your child will feel more confident. Nine out of 10 Sylvan parents say their child's confidence increased since attending Sylvan for reading tutoring. Our reading tutors genuinely care about your child's future, and they know how to motivate and inspire kids with reading.
  • You'll feel fully supported as your child's needs evolve. We're right there with you as your child's needs evolve. Reading today... STEM, algebra, and college and career readiness tomorrow.

Plus, our hourly rates are very competitive with other tutors, so yes, you can get the best reading help with Sylvan!


Personalized tutoring $49.00 per hour (peak hours)

Personalized tutoring $35.00 per hour (off-peak hours)

A peak hour is any tutoring hour scheduled after school or when schools are closed.

A off-peak hour is any tutoring hour scheduled during school hours and schools are open.

Set your son or daughter up for success with reading

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