Math Assessment (Sylvan Insight).

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Go beyond the report card with a "Sylvan Learning Academic Assessment".

A report card will only tell you how your child has scored in a subject at school. It may even go as far as to say which chapter in the text was the students weakest component, but when you try to help them with that chapter you can not seem to make any progress.

That is because every skill learned in a higher grade depends on the student having a grasp on related elements learned in lower grades. 

This is where the "Sylvan Learning Academic Assessment" can do much more. When a student answers a grade level question incorrectly our system flags the base skills that make understanding that question possible. It then asks questions related to those understandings and isolates the base skills the student needs help with.

Once an assessment is completed our system will provide a detailed curriculum of instruction to catch them up. Starting at the components that are missing from the earlier years up to grade level.

Of course there are students who are only struggling in their current year, and the assessment will reveal that as well.  Those cases would come with there own recommendations and curriculum designed to fit in with our "Homework Help", "Study Skills", and "Academic Coaching" programs.


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